Tahiti Travel Website and Brochure

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Entire Travel Connection needed a new website to showcase their packages and products associated with Tahiti Travel. I proposed a design with a Wow-factor feeling and ease of accessibility in mind. I art-directed and designed everything from scratch, including the coding - PHP, Html, CSS needed to make the site work how they client wanted it to. The site is dynamically database driven and highly easy to maintain and add content for as a result. tahiti-welcome

Automatic content generation via Wordpress specific PHP code


Highly database and custom field variable driven allowing more automation. Sorting system purely hand-coded.



The client was very thrilled with the result and the site has since gained a lot more favorable site statistics compared to the original site, such as triple the viewing time, and double the amount of page views. site-stats

Annual Brochure

Tahiti Travel Connection needed a new 60 page brochure to be designed for the upcoming year of 2012. This redesign offers many new features and twists that innovate upon last year's. So the key here was to keep the consistency while coming up with fresh layout ideas. cover pg-out1 spread1 map