A Games Showcase

By Leon Fresh


Client  Various

A collection games I have built in the past. Enjoy!

This is how I started game development, by making highly popular Mods for games like Warcraft 3 and Starcraft.

My most popular contributions are: Cloaked Cannon Defense ( Starcraft ) and Multiple Missile TD ( Warcraft 3 )

I was in high school at the time and I remember it being such an amazing feeling to create maps back then.

You can spend 5 minutes on a crappy map, host it and 7 other people would join instantly, playing your creation with you on the spot.

It gave me an empowered feeling, like being a god even, as what I coded essentially impacted the gameplay of other players and affected how they played the game.

The most popular map I made was Multiple Missile TD and it went viral, I could remember waking up in the morning and checking the server, and literally 90% of the rooms were filled with my map for about 2-3 months. So I suppose it would have been played millions of times.

This was partly because of my tactic to make it viral, by making it really hard to beat, but fun at the same time, so people would naturally host it again once they are defeated.

Even till this day, popular streamers like the one below are checking it out as well!

After this, I wanted to be a game developer so I studied graphic design and taught myself coding, as there weren’t any courses on it back then in my city.

Unity Development for the CEO of Chess.com — Erik Allebest on a new innovative mobile game based on Clash Royale and Chess. Being an expert Chess player of around ~2250 ELO it was definitely an exciting project to undertake.

I also programmed the whole logic for chess without using any existing libraries. It was a challenge but really rewarding when I got it working.

I developed a guess the move Chess website from scratch, for the community. https://moveguesser.com

Got a lot of great feedback and love from the Chess community. https://www.reddit.com/r/chess/comments/oooypc/ive_been_working_hard_to_create_moveguessercom_a/

Space Action and Shipbuilding Game

Multiplayer Spaceship Building Game

Visuals and code for a simulator of an airplane’s main control panel or Multi-function Control and Display Unit (MCDU), and its purpose is to educate new pilots. You can check the review I got for this at http://freelancer.com/u/leonfresh

A spaceship resource management game. Did all the UI and design for the UI as well.

A naval based real-time strategy (RTS) prototype where you fight aliens.

RPG Game I made, my own dialogue / story as well.


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